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About Royal Upholstery 

Royal Upholstery works to completely transform and create highly original upholstered pieces. With over 25 years of combined experience our skilled craftspeople draft, construct and manufacture magnificent “works of fabricated art.”


Royal Upholstery can create a fantastic addition to any home or commercial environment. No matter what kind of dreams you may have for your perfect sofa, chair, or chaise lounge, we can make it happen for you. You pick the color and style, the type of cushions, and everything else your heart desires, and we’ll do the rest. No matter what spot you need the piece to fit into, we can make it happen to your specifications.

Our Styles

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Exquisite Detailing

Our talented team of upholsterers have the appropriate tools and a deep well of creative and technical experience that meet our clients' needs to their full satisfaction. 


Royal Upholstery upholsterers builds each piece of furniture with a strong focus on details. We hand-tie the coil springs, select the finest quality fabrics and work through every nuance with meticulous drawings prior to production. We strive to build long-lasting pieces that are constructed to last lifetimes.


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Office: 862.257.1234

Mobile: 973.930.6041

2 Aspen Place  Passaic, NJ 07055

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